Minutes 2018 july

Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors (VAREI) Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting

Date: July 11, 2018
8740 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, VA

I. Call to order

Meeting called to order by Barry Robinson at 11:10 am

II. Roll call Present:
1) Barry Robinson 2) Dennis Pelczynski 3) David Rushton
4) Charles Chisolm 5) Zoltan Szombathy 6) John Khan
7) Alex Aderton


Tim Welch, Jim Vaughn, Scott Harvey, Joseph Wingenbach, Bill Wilmoth, Scooter Burgess

III. Approval of minutes for last meeting

Secretary’s Report
Update/Commentary presented by Dennis Pelczynski Approved as read in print-out

Treasurer’s Report (added later)
Update presented byJim Vaughn

Opening Balance, April 1, 2018

SunTrust Bank Statement $24,980.23
PayPal Account $0.00
Total Opening Balances $24,980.23

Membership Dues $900.00
Other $0.00
Total Income $900.00

Annual Meeting Expenses $0.00
Board Meeting Expenses $0.00
Professional Services (Lobbyist) $0.00
Corporation Fees $0.00
Suntrust Bank Fees $0.00
PayPal Fees $23.25
Website Maintenance $0.00
Total Expenses$23.25

Ending Balance, June 30, 2018

SunTrust Bank Statement $25,420.93
PayPal Account $436.05
Total Ending Balances $25,856.98

Jim Vaughn, Treasurer Date 6.30.2018

IV. Committee Reports

Education Committee- Dave Rushton
DR discusses progress for obtaining speakers for VAREI annual meeting
DR could do his electrical presentation
BR puts out option for crawlspace, mold, indoor air talk (not suitable for HI CEs) CC brings up CSST presentation possibility

Finance Committee Jim Vaughn Not present No discussion

Grievance Committee Barry Robinson
BR presents his and AAs research for grievance procedures
BR provided printout of grievance policies used by other associations

o Written complaint required (pen & paper)
o No anonymous complaints accepted
o Filing fee possible to discourage frivolous complaints o Will not investigate pricing disputes
o BR asked for written feedback from BOD members

Legislative Committee Robert Bohannon
BR provided print-out of email from RB concerning DPOR DR provided review DPOR meeting on SB627

o Approx. 70-80 HI attended DPOR committee meeting
o Trisha Henshaw of DPOR is putting together the results of meeting not in favor
o Next DPOR meeting in August 2018
o AA, BR commented on professionalism of DPOR
o BR discusses response to VAREI’s email concerning the upcoming committee meeting

BR discusses Checkbook negative article on home inspectors
o Discussion on how this article may impact the continued push of SB627 by Sen. Surovell

Membership Committee Tim Welch Not present - No discussion

Nominations Committee Charles Chisholm
CC to send letter out to local HI associations for interest to join VAREI BOD
Board discussion concerning need to select a president elect (no VP in bylaws)
DR would like to end his role as Past President move on
BR reads/reviews VAREI bylaws
JK steps forward to fill president elect position if BR is to remain in president for additional year BR discusses tapping into DPOR committee attendees for membership and BOD positions
Assign board members at-large/alternate members

Public Relations Committee Dennis Pelczynski
DP/AA discuss SB627 email blast prior to DPOR meeting

o DPOR email list approx. 800+ 700 usable with a number of out of state HIs
o MailChimp is an effective system and free for the volume VAREI needs
o Membership drive emails to non-members
o 3 groups-VAREI members, HIs with NRS certification, HIs without NRS certification

VAREI members had 60-60% open rate NRS had 55% open rate
Non NRS had less than 50% open rate

AA to do analysis on open rate of first email blast General discussion

o JK discusses quarterly newsletter use to solicit members to participate on BOD

V. Open Issues

  1. a)  Committee assignments for new members ZS- assigned to Grievance committee

    JK- assigned to Finance committee

  2. b)  Development of marketing program for Realtor Associations and Real estate companies

  3. c)  Development of mentor program

o Drop VAREI information at local HI classes
o Regional BOD to handle local class information drop off

VI. New Business

a) Schedule of future Board Meetings

VII. Votes

BR discusses and proposes new BOD meeting numbers and locations to improve participation by others outside general area

o See proposed bod schedule attached. Increase number of meetings from 3 to 6/year at different locations and/or online (Go to Meeting)

o BR believes VAREI/BOD is not a viable organization by meeting only 3x/year

o Current process/methods do not help membership
BR feels the annual business meeting, to be held at the annual meeting and is open to all members, has not been happening

o BR feels recent meetings have not included a full business meeting

o BR brings up having separate BOD meeting after annual meeting

o General response to Go To Online meeting approach is positive

o BR discusses prospect of having local HI association chapters provide a BOD member to represent their organization and region

General discussion on above subject
Regional board members to represent local area, list provided to disseminate information

a) Motion to accept proposed new meeting schedule 6 Approve

VIII. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned by BR 1:00 PM