Minutes 2018 August

Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors (VAREI) Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting

Date: August 21, 2018

Type of Meeting:
Internet (Go to Meeting) - Scheduled Board Meeting Teleconference

Meeting Facilitator: Barry Robinson

David Rushton, Tim Welch, Jim Vaughn, Dennis Pelczynski, Charles Chisolm, Scott Harvey, Zoltan Szombathy, Joseph Wingenbach, Bill Wilmoth, Scooter Burgess, Mark Londner, Alex Aderton

Call to order:
Meeting called to order at 8:05 pm

Roll call

Present: Barry Robinson, Jim Vaughn, Dennis Pelczynski, Charles Chisolm, Bill Wilmoth, Alex Aderton, David Rushton, Joseph Wingenbach, Zoltan Szombathy, Tim Welch

Absent: Scott Harvey

Approval of minutes from last meeting: Presented by Dennis Pelczynski Meeting minutes approved as written and presented

Treasurers Report: Presented by Jim Vaughn
o Checking: $25,493
o Paypal account: $1,062.80
o Expenses: Go to meeting - $348.00; Lobbyist
Current on payment
o Report approved by board as presented

Committee Reports

Education Committee - Dave Rushton

  • Speakers lined up for annual meeting

    Trisha Henshaw - Current State Regs and VA DPOR Overview
    Terry Jenkins
    Encapsulated and Conditioned Crawl Spaces
    Chris White
    Comprehensive Overview of CSST Installation
    Dave Rushton
    Electrical System Inspections

  • New committee chair

o DR stated he will be stepping down as the Education Committee chair leader

Finance Committee - Jim Vaughn
Financial status of VAREI
JV states VAREI in financially good state

Member registrations
Registrations are beginning to come in

Lobbyist fees

o Brief discussion concerning lobbyist fees
DR state lobbyist is going above and beyond expectations

New Treasurer
JV stated need to look for new treasurer for upcoming year

Grievance Committee Barry Robinson GC Procedures

o BR discusses proposed GC procedures
o No objections from board concerning what has been presented

Legislative Committee Robert Bohannon / Presented by Barry Robinson SB627

o Copy of DPOR report sent to BOD members via email by BR
o DPOR conclusion is to not recommend any changes / keep unchanged
o SB627 to go back to legislative committee following DPOR review

Brief/General discussion on DPOR conclusions by BOD members
o BOD believes HI participation had a very beneficial impact on stopping current bill
o Benefit of having lobbyist

Membership Committee Tim Welch

Nothing to report

Brief discussion on website and emails to members

o Main goal to get members to meeting
o JV states website can send email to members
o JV has been waiting for speaker final to send email to members
Payment for annual meeting via Pay pal and checks
o TW will communicate with JV to get email out

Nominations Committee Charles Chisholm

Brief discussion
Nominations not up
o Keep status quo on status of nominee John Kahn
o JK is not licensed and DR does not believe he is qualified to serve at this time. JK is not qualified to hold any position on BOD or office at this time
o JK cannot serve two positions that he has volunteered for
o CC to continue talks with BR

Public Relations Committee Dennis Pelczynski, Alex Aderton

Brief discussion 

Open issues

a) Assignment of regional board members based on 4 (6) regions Regions and Regional representation

BR discusses list of speakers that attended recent DPOR meeting on SB627
o BR would like to email the speakers to request their participation on the VAREI board as regional representatives
o AA reviews regional list of licensed inspectors he produced showing VAREI members and nonmembers by region and state
o 6 different regional areas based on - digit zip code
o Approximately 100 out of state inspectors
o Licensed inspector list obtained from DPOR / VAREI member list from JV
BR thanks AA for his efforts to quantify licensed inspectors by region

Regional representation
o BR feels VAREI and BOD meetings are not accessible to all licensed inspectors throughout the state
o BR feels GoToMeeting is a way to bring the outlying inspectors into the board
o BR would like to get the speakers involved and CC asks about putting a letter together for this
o BR to send out email to invite them to be on the ballet at the annual meeting regional board members

BOD Meetings
o Possible rotating meeting to make physical meetings closer to remote members
o 4 Regions: NOVA, Richmond, Tidewater, Eastern
o BR believes this will increase regional representations and membership

Annual meeting broadcast online
o DR discusses broadcasting annual meeting for remote members
o BOD agrees and would like to consider idea
o JV mentions talking to NOVA ASHI about webcasting meeting for members in good standing

Vote: Add 4 /6 regions and representatives Unanimous approval

o AA has taken DPOR information and broken it down to regional numbers AA has parts in place to promote annual meeting
o Promote membership to nonmembers via email
o Hopes to have all set by Wed 8/22 on annual meeting location and capacity
o Website will have button to declare attendance at annual meeting to help with planning
o AA states the button is ready to go
o AA discusses payment methods

b) Development of marketing program for Realtor Associations and Real estate companies VAREI marketing to Realtor Assoc. & Brokers

BR feels this falls on public relations committee

JV CC discuss past brochure response by realtors

BR asks about grievance procedure
JV states DPOR already has the system and should be the source
o BR states he has not received emails from BOD members so he will continue and finalize his plans

New business
Annual meeting

o Discussion about what happens if attendance is greater than space can handle
o JV brings up need to change fiscal year to improve head count for meeting & caterer
o Renew in July and give attendance
o CC need to ramp up schedule and get information out ahead of time
o BR talks about prorating

CC treasurer would need to keep up and that is too much to ask
Rewards and penalties don’t work for small amounts

VOTE: Change fiscal year to July - Approved by BOD No dues increase just changing

Registered Agent

JV brings up registered agent currently on hand is unknown to BOD
o JV would like to change registered agent
o DR mentions Sue Pender CPA for NOVA ASHI
o BR asks if Sue Pender would work for VAREI as well

  • VAREI audit has not been done for years and will need to be performed

  • State Corp renewal coming up at end of month


CC discusses Bronson Anderson and Hollis Browns ASHI CoR Mentor guidelines

Adjournment: 9:05 pm


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