Minutes 2018 April

Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors (VAREI) Board of Directors Meeting

Date: April 18, 2018
8740 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, VA

I. Call to order

Meeting called to order by Barry Robinson - 11:15 am

II. Roll call

1) Barry Robinson
2) Dennis Pelczynski
3) Tim Welch
4) Charles Chisolm
5) Scott Harvey
6) Joseph Wingenbach 7) Alex Aderton
8) Jim Vaughn
9) Dave Rushton

1) Zoltan Szombathy 2) John Kahn

II. Approval of minutes for last meeting

Secretary’s Report
Update/Commentary presented by Dennis Pelczynski Approved by BOD

Treasurer’s Report  First Quarter
Update/Commentary presented by Jim Vaughn

Opening Balance, January 1, 2018 
SunTrust Bank Statement $28,353.48
PayPal Account $0.00
Total Opening Balances $28,353.48

Membership Dues $750.00
Other $0.00
Total Income $750.00

Annual Meeting Expenses $0.00
Board Meeting Expenses $0.00
Professional Services (Lobbyist)  $4,100.00
Corporation Fees $0.00
Suntrust Bank Fees $0.00
PayPal Fees $23.25
Website Maintenance $0.00
Total Expenses $4,123.25

Ending Balance, March 31, 2018
SunTrust Bank Statement $24,980.23
PayPal Account $0.00
Total Ending Balances $24,980.23

Jim Vaughn, Treasurer
Date 3.31.18

III. Open Issues

a) Suggestions from new members
-Action plan template discussed by Barry R.

b) Committee assignments for new members

Education Public Relations Membership Finance

Scott H
Alex A
Joe W
TBD / John K-Possible Zoltan S

c) Committees and Discussions 1)Grievance committee Discussion by Barry R

-BR suggests marketing to Realtors VAREI as the go to for grievances
-Provide an avenue for Agents to get a grievance off their chest and out of the gossip system
-BR example about of Pest Inspection complaints diminishing due to effort of training and grievance
-Educating agents to limit complaints filed with DPOR

Discussion by group:
-How does this GC function?
-How do the mechanics work?
-Who is responsible to review documents from other associations to determine proposed procedures
-JW gives his view of grievance procedure and benefits to provide agents a resource to file a complaint for their client
-How will it benefit the VAREI members?
-VAREI is unknown in Real Estate market
-What/Who is VAREI?

2) Legislative Committee

Recent bills introduced to VA to remove HI limits of liability (via Barry R) General discussion on the issue:

-Trying to put burden on home inspectors -Who is covering Virginia Inspectors? VAREI -More members better lobbying power

Action: Increase membership

3) Membership Committee

Discussion by Tim W
-Prior to June 1 an email blast or get admin login to do it himself -Trying to hit current members with flyer via website
-Try to get the meeting information out early and to the members

General discussion by group:
Action: Tim W to continue working and email to send out to current members

4) Finance Committee

Discussion by Jim V
-JV requests assistance with committee by new members

Discussion by group:
-Possible assistance from John K (TBD)


5) Education Committee

Discussion by Dave R
-Continuing electrical presentation by DR at annual meeting -Still needs to arrange additional speakers for annual meeting

General discussion by group:
-Charles C discusses Gas contactor for speaker who can provide certified installer credentials for CSST installer
-BR questions how to make gas contractors presentation count toward CE credits -VA does not approve
DPOR approves those approved by ASHI, InterNACHI? Or information covered on NHIE
-CC discusses presentation on encapsulated crawlspaces as a possible CE for annual meeting
Terry Jenkins
-JW discusses self-protection in the field

Action: DR to continue working on speakers for annual meeting

6) Nomination Committee

Discussion by Charles C
-CC would like to attract members from areas outside NOVA, Tidewater, Richmond

Discussion by group: Action:

7) Public Relations Committee

Discussion by group:
-Alex A proposes a VAREI recruitment plan to attempt to double membership in the next year or so

Action: DP and AA to work on recruitment plan and send email to Virginia licensed His by June 1, 2018 followed up by several reminders to join and attend annual meeting

d) Mentor program for new inspectors

Discussion by BR
-Contact AHIT to come up with an agreement and procedure
-Need to decide; what to require of schools if associated with VAREI -Be members of VAREI (trainee and School)

-BR proposes to present at classes or have presentation to be given during classes
Offer a VAREI member’s name and information to trainee
-Have access to VAREI members interested in helping trainees

-JV discusses NOVA ASHI
-What does DPOR require of trainees? AA discusses DPOR written requirement already in place
-Difficulty with location training
-Pass NHIE, Insurance GL, Class training completed, VAREI members, Follow guide-lines
-What will be expected of the schools-Affiliate membership

Action: Further planning and information gathering needed

e) Development of marketing program for Realtor Associations and Real Estate companies

Open issues develop for marketing fall onto PR Committee to begin and develop

IV. New Business

a) Action plan program for committee
- Action plan to remain in board member
s book that gets passed onto new member

b) Annual meeting:
- October 4, 2018,
DeFazio’s unless a change is needed to increase in attendance

c) Discuss plan for affiliate membership Tabled for next meeting for further discussion

d) Agent of Record
Discussion by Jim V
-Current AR is not known by current BOD, Pay $25/year - Who knows CPA / Sue Pender possibility
- JV to reach out to Scott to check with his accountant
- JV to contact existing Agent of Record


V. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned by Barry Robinson - 1:10 pm