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Complete this form with the requested information, then be sure to click "Submit Application" at the bottom of page. If you don't click Submit Application, you'll need to fill the form out again. We need the form completed so we can keep track of who has renewed, and who hasn't.

PLEASE NOTE: Your membership fee of $150.00 is due along with this application! To complete your application, you are required to submit your membership dues either by check or PayPal - checks are preferred to avoid the PayPal fees.

TO PAY BY CHECK: Make check payable to: "VAREI" and mail to the Treasurer:

  Jim Vaughn

VAREI Treasurer

507 N Jefferson St

Arlington VA 22205

You can Pay Online  by clicking on the link titled 'Pay Dues' at the bottom of the form.

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Once you have completed your dues payment, click 'Submit Application' below to submit your VAREI Membership Application. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of the submission.
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