About The Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors (VAREI)

The Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors (VAREI) was founded as a non-profit association in 2000. VAREI’s mission is two fold: to represent Virginia home inspectors in legislative and regulatory matters, and to promote excellence in the home inspection industry. The organization is headed by a Board of Directors consisting of eleven members. There are four officers: President, Vice president/President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, six members at large, and the immediate past President. Officers serve a one year term. Board members serve alternating two year terms. There are four standing committees; education, membership, public relations and legislative.

The Board meets four times a year - in October, January, April and July. Meetings are held at a central location in the state that is reasonably accessible to all board members - currently, Fredericksburg. The Annual Meeting is held in Richmond, VA the first Thursday in October.

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